Custom Home


– Energy efficiency
– New everything, along with the warranties that come with “new”
– Lower cost to own, (maintenance as well as energy efficiency)
– Longer time line to major expenses (like roof and air-conditioning)
– You get what you want (customization)
– Energy Star appliances
– Insurance costs are lower
– Financing may be cheaper
– Ability to customize
– Less compromising
– You can buy preconstruction and lock in today’s pricing

Often times my clients ask me what can be part of customizing. My answer: the advantage is to customize to your personal needs and except nothing else but a 100% solution that pleases you. We have done customizations from a build into the slab self flushing cat toilet to hurricane safe rooms, music or fitness studios, food lifts, elevators, handicap accessible, ballroom, movie theaters- the sky is the limit.